‘O’ what a wine!

Now I know that most of our customers are ‘well to do’ and the others are certainly of the spirited point of maturity where words such as orgasm are seldom uttered for fear of indecency. Indeed I fear I may already have offended my managing director and mother but let me explain.

It is widely recognised in the industry that it is possible to have a culinary ‘O’. That occasion when a mouthful of food causes sensations on your tender taste buds, combine with serotonin and endorphins in the brain, and in a split second actually cause you to moan!  This is a culinary ‘O’.  In fact those of us that are in the know, because not every body has actually had one, will often ask “When did you have your first ‘O’?”. I remember mine, it was at 190 Queensgate which at the time was under the leadership of Anthony Worrall Thompson (not that I’m a fan).  However, I was there with my father and I had a simple platter of charcuterie, Spanish omelette and homemade chutney, as a starter, and I moaned with pleasure, I had had my first ‘O’!
Those of you that are fans of Nigella Lawson could be forgiven for thinking that she has numerous culinary ‘Os’ whilst presenting her food programmes!

Now, I have been very fortunate in my life and have had tasted sumptuous wines such as Batard Montrachet, Chateau Latour but none have had such a lasting and penetrating effect as the wine to which I am now going to talk about!
Bruce Elsworth (Executive Head Chef at The Angel Inn) and I were dining at Locanda Locatelliwhere we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Giorgio Locatelli himself courtesy of a mutual friend.
I was asked to order the wine so I chose a Falanghina Vigna Del Monaco by Ocone. When poured, there in the glass was this beautiful golden honey like liquid, and the nose just exploded, at first I couldn’t quite tell if there was a medicinal element to the nose, not a negative one mind you, the sort of medicine you long for momma to give you as a child, but quickly this disappeared leaving honeysuckle and wild meadow flowers.

Then came what can only be described as the first vinous ‘O’ that I have ever had; the complexity of apricot and vanilla was quite astounding, each mouthful tasted more moreish! I don’t think I have ever tasted a wine like it. Possibly close to a viognier but with more complexity but not as heavy as a Condrieu, but that really doesn’t do it justice!

I since came home, sourced the wine and ordered sixty bottles, upon delivery I brought a bottle home to my wife Sarah and that night we happened to be eating Chinese, and again I was blown over and yes I was reduced to little moans of ecstasy!
What’s more the wine went fabulously with the Chinese as it did with the Italian, making me wonder is this the most versatile wine in the world? Nobody has ever challenged the wine trade on this level and I am sure it would make a great feat for the prospective judges.
As for the wine, it is to be listed on the Angel’s award winning wine list this month and don’t be surprised if you see it available by the glass listed as Pascal’s first ‘O’ in a glass.
As for me, like a naughty little school boy… I just can’t stop thinking about it!

One Response to ‘O’ what a wine!

  1. MMB 9 March 17, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

    A very seductive wine. Orgasmic? Perhaps, but it takes a lot to impress at my age!
    I suggest the true test of this wine is the ability of the vineyard to continue producing at this standard. This will undoubtedly sort the men from the boys-sorry, is that deemed to be sexist these days