Classic Car Experience

classic car experience

Classic Car Experience


We have teamed up with Dales Classic Car Hire to offer you an experience that you won’t forget. We are giving you the opportunity to hire a classic car for the day provided by Piers Leigh of Dales Classic Car Hire. If you are staying for two nights this is an ideal opportunity to experience the Dales from an exciting perspective.

Piers has spent most of his working life re-conditioning British classic cars and exporting them to Japan, Norway and Denmark to name but a few countries.
He has tweeked the rides so that, in his words…”My wife would be happy to go to the hairdressers in them!”.

Your car will be delivered after breakfast on your first morning and Piers will spend 20 minutes with you going over the particulars of the car.

We can offer you a choice of itineraries that we have carefully planned out. They include petrol and toilet and refreshment stops and are designed to give you a true taste of the Dales as well as the cars!

Included in the hire is fully comprehensive insurance, RAC breakdown cover and a full tank of petrol.

Please note that your contract is direct with Dales Classic Car Hire, if you purchase the voucher online you will receive two vouchers, one from each organization, it is then up to you to book independently with each organization.

The Cars

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MGB Roadster MK III


Our fantastic tartan red MGB is a manual overdrive model, with black leather upholstery, a mohair hood and chrome wire wheels. Wow!

Our MGB is one of the desirable late model chrome bumpered cars which has been painstakingly restored from tip to toe and in many ways is better than new. As you might expect it runs beautifully with plenty of power and loads of torque from the lusty B series engine, accompanied by that beautiful low down resonance so typical of a MGB on song!

It drives as well as it looks too. The gearbox with its close ratio’s is perfect for our Dales roads and it flicks in and out of overdrive with ease. The steering and suspension are lovely and taught, it stops on a sixpence and it’s fair to say that a drive in our B is a bit of a treat

Morgan Plus 4


Our stunning low mileage Morgan Plus 4 is finished in the classic Morgan factory colour of Connaught green with stone leather interior and chrome wire wheels. This is THE classic British sports car if ever there was one. The original owner put his name on the Morgan factory waiting list for a new car and had to wait seven years until the factory contacted him to say that his car was ready to go into production. It was certainly worth the wait.

For many, the beauty of a Morgan is the unique combination of classic styling combined with a more modern engine and gearbox and there is no better place to enjoy this unique combination than on our Dales roads. What’s more difficult to convey is the view through the windscreen down the ever so long louvered bonnet as you swoop through some flowing bends with the wind in your hair accompanies by the lovely deep burble from the exhaust and you have classic motoring at it’s best.

MG Midget MK III


Our Midget is the most desirable MK III 1275cc “round wheel arms” model, which like our MGB has been meticulously restored. Looking really racy in MG Flame Red with its black interior and original MG Rostyle wheels, our Midget looks straight out of a 1972 MG dealer’s showroom.

It goes as well as it looks too. With a throaty rasp from the exhaust, close ratio gears, light steering and easily enough power to deal with even the steepest hill, our nimble handling little ‘magic’ Midget is in many ways perfectly suited to our winding Dales roads.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, fun factor 10/10.

Triumph Stag

The classic Michelotti design which just seems to get better with age. Our manual overdrive car is in the final stages of restoration and will be ready for our customers to enjoy within the coming weeks.

So it will soon be time for some four seater fun, enjoying our Dales roads with the style and grace that only a Stag can offer and that wonderful V8 burble for company – there is nothing quite like.