Massaya Winery in Lebanon

The story of Tanaïl Property goes back to the early 70’s
as the Ghosn family acquired an Estate planted with
table vines. At First, they made homemadeArak from
the grapes grown on the property.

Sami and Ramzi Ghosn, the second generation owners, learned to love nature and its
greatest produce – wine – during their childhood; in 1975, the civil war raged in Lebanon
forcing the Ghosn’s to leave their Estate, nevertheless they always knew a day will come where they would return.

Seventeen years later Sami Ghosn, by then an architect working in Los Angeles, returned to Lebanon and revisited the war-ravaged family estate. The land worked its magic and he decided to give up everything in order to devote himself to bringing the domain back to life.

He revived the distillation of homemade arak and entrusted marketing to his brother Ramzi, who was at that time settled in France, managing his own restaurant company.

The famous blue bottles of Arak turned into an instant success.   Tanail was reborn from its ashes but Sami Ghosn had still greater ambitions.

As far as he is concerned it is no coincidence that the Romans chose the Bekaa Valley as the site to build the temple of Bacchus in homage to their God of wine and grapes.

Massaya is situated in Tanaïl, the heart of the Bekaa Valley, home to some of the oldest and most original motifs of ancient wines and wine-making. The Bekaa is once again proving it can produce great wines and Massaya, whose name is Arabic for the delicate beauty of the Bekaa’s twilight, with its French and Lebanese partners is proud to perpetuate this ancient tradition. Massaya bottles 5 wines per vintage: 1 rosé, 1 whites and 3 reds.

Sami will be joining us on Thursday 17th March for a Lebanese Dinner.  To book please call 01756 730263

2 Responses to Massaya Winery in Lebanon

  1. Ken Smith January 29, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    Can you please send me details of the Lebanese Dinner?

  2. pascal January 31, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Hi Ken,

    The dinner will be held on Thursday 17th March at 7pm.
    We have yet to decide a menu as Bruce and I have to go to Fairuz
    in Leeds to carry out some genuine research.
    There will be four wines, a white, a rose, and two reds and a spirit called ‘Arak’,
    which is like a Marc de Bourgogne.
    Sami Ghosn will be hosting the dinner and the cost will be £48.00 including wine.
    Please call 01756 730263 to book,
    Hope to see you there!

    Best wishes,