“Sycamore Bank” A New and Exciting Bedroom Development at The Angel Inn

April 1st will see the unveiling of our latest development with the addition of four luxury, contemporary and individually designed bedrooms.

The Angel acquired the property in September and is finally going to recieve finance from the banks after months of wrangling and olympic hoop jumping.

The building work has been carried out to the highest specifications and Juliet Watkins’ attention to detail has been tireless, whilst she has ensured the same standards of quality that were observed in the development of the barn lodgings across the road.

The total project is likely to cost £600,000 by the time it is finished.  The Angel has benefitted from a greatly appreciated grant of £47,000 under the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), which is managed by Yorkshire Forward in this region.  The criteria for the grant was to create further luxury accomodation in the Yorkshire Dales to a minimum of 4 star quality assurance.

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