Yapas – Yorkshire Tapas and Flamenco in the Dales

We came up with the phrase ‘Yapas last’ year (in fairness it has to be attributed to an outburst by the Angel’s front of house manager Simon Farrimond!), we were discussing the success of our first ever Tapas Festival at the Angel and how we should keep some tapas on the menu but possibly give it a Yorkshire feel and Simon just blurted out “Yapas!” – brilliant we thought (in fact we’d love to copyright it but I suppose this article will prove that the invention of the term was down to us!).

Last year Pascal and Bruce spent two nights in Seville and Cadiz researching genuine Tapas.  This really has to be the most sophisticated fast food in the world, yet often intrinsically ‘paisan’.  One of the most influential sights has to be the Bellota hams hanging in bars in 40 degree heat, with little drip trays underneath them to catch the fat as the ham sweats, and to then eat slices of the stuff at room temperature..’oh its just exquisite’ downed with a tall flute of Manzanilla sherry on ice.  Bellota ham is the highest qaulity Jamon Iberico that comes from black pigs that are raised  around Salamanca, Ciudad Real, Cáceres, Badajoz, Seville, Córdoba and Huelva.

Some tapas bars would give Environmental Health Officers in the UK a heart attack, but oddly enough these are often the best ones.  There’s a little bar on the other side of the Cathedral in the old town of Cadiz, it’s really quite small and unassuming, the barman typically scruffy, long pony tail, again the EHO would have a heart attack, but the belly pork was to die for!  Funnily enough though, Bruce’s most memorable dish was the first dish put in front of us and we didn’t  even pay for it!  As we sat down for a beer in Seville, the waiter brought out a plate of cold sliced carrots that were coated in olive oil, cumin and sprinkled with parsley (amongst other flavours!), you’ve never tasted carrots like it! Check out recipes section of our blog at a later date for the full recipe.

The Tapas festival last year was a great success, so much so that we decided to repeat it. This year we are holding our Yorkshire Dales  Tapas Festival in conjunction with the Grassington Festival and are holding a Flamenco and Tapas evening which is featured as one of the Grassington festival acts.  The evening features Sandra La Espaulita who taught flamenco to Darren Gough the year he went on to win Strictly Come Dancing!

The evening will be split into four sets with Tapas in between and will hopefully prove to be one of the highlights of the Angel’s calender. To book please call 01756 752691.  The Tapas festival runs between 15th ans 29th June.

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